Anwar’s visit at LGL


On September 26th, we had the pleasure of welcoming Anwar, a Bangladeshi teacher, to our school.

His visit was part of our cooperation with Friendship, whose educational programme we are aiming to support in this way. Attending classes allowed Anwar to gain an insight into how English is taught here at elementary and pre-intermediate level and to become acquainted with a series of teaching strategies that will help teachers back in Bangladesh vary their techniques.

It was Anwar’s first visit to Europe and he commented on how smart, outgoing and ‘rich’ our students are.
 Do we truly appreciate the privileged life we are born into?
If you want to join our efforts to improve lives in Bangladesh, you can make a donation to Friendship-Luxembourg :
BLUX LULL LU63 0080 2121 6830 2001
Reference: ‘Bienfaisance LGL’